Páciensi kellékek

Páciensi kellékek
Orofan® Oral Care Oil
Orofan® Oral Care Oil Dr. Hinz Dental - 94704
With chamomile and sage for the care of the irritated oral mucosa
Orofan® Oral Care Oil contains no preservatives, no alcohol and no artificial flavorings or aromatic substances. Therefore, it is especially well-suited for the regular and long-term use in children and the elderly as well.
3.501,63 HUF
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Orofan Cleaning tabs
Orofan Cleaning tabs Dr. Hinz Dental - 95010
•  A highly effective cleaning tab for all removable splints and devices. The quikly cleansing tabs can hygenically clean after 3 minutes and to effectively disinfect up to 99,99% after 15 minutes.

Pack: 36 tabs
4.209,03 HUF
plusz 27% adó nélkül. Szállítási költségek
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